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IZIP E3 Metro
IZIP E3 Metro
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All Products
Product Name Model Price  
A/T Kenda Street Slickskenda$25.00 
AirZound Rechargeable Bicycle HornAH1000$38.00 
B-Pod Bike BasketB-pod$42.00 
BH E-Motion Neo Batteryneo battery$475.00 
BH E-Motion Neo Battery Chargerneo charger$125.00 
BH Emotion Neo BluetoothBLUETOOTH$99.00 
Bicycle Bell: Girly SkullSB625$7.50 
Bicycle Bell: TacoSB628$7.50 
Bicycle Bell: Time ClockOR8 TIME-CLOCK$13.50 
Biologic Joule II Dynamo Hub$120.00 
Bionx Battery 36V Lithium Ion01-3900, 01-1511$790.00 
Bionx Battery Mount and Cables (standard)01-3710$100.00 
Bionx Charger 24V Lithium Ion01-1548$115.00 
Bionx Charger 36V Lithium Ion01-3444$115.00 
Bionx Charger 48V Lithium Ion01-3635$85.00 
Bionx Connection Covers01-1158$10.00 
Bionx Console with Throttle01-2332$175.00 
Bionx CrosstownPL-350 700c$2,290.00 
Bionx Extension Cables01-1559$40.00 
Bionx G2 Console01-3205$225.00 
Bionx G2 Throttle01-3230$60.00 
Bionx Magnetic Brake Sensors01-2039$25.00 
Bionx NavigatorPL-350 700c$2,550.00 
Bionx ParatrooperEK0008$2,450.00 
Bionx Paratrooper Propl 350$2,630.00 
Bionx Puller Tool900007$40.00 
Bionx Replacement Keys01-1627$36.00 
Bionx S350 DLS 350 DL$1,799.00 
Bionx S350 DTS 350 DT$1,799.00 
Bionx S350 DXS 350 DX$2,099.00 
Bionx S350 RLS 350 RL$1,899.00 
Bionx S350 RXS 350 RX$2,199.00 
Bionx Swissbike X50pl 350$2,200.00 
Bionx Swissbike X70pl350$2,750.00 
Bionx Wheel Motor 250W01-2279$660.00 
Bionx Wheel Motor 350WEK9090BP, ROUE 35026CAN$780.00 
Bionx Wheel Spokes01-1767$10.00 
Biria 7 Speed Folding Bikefold$430.00 
Biria Electric City BikeELECTRIC CITY$1,150.00 
Biruni Electric Cargo BikeElectric Bike$2,499.00 
Boston Custom FramesetBOSTON FRAME$500.00 
Carver Bicycle Long Surf Board Rackmax$120.00 
Carver Bicycle Short Surf Board Rackmini$100.00 
Carver Scooter Moped Surfboard RackCRMP$130.00 
Change Bike DF 601 XT MTBDF601$2,430.00 
Change Bike DF 609 MTBDF609$1,380.00 
Change Bike DF 611 HybridDF611$1,625.00 
Cycleaware Urbie bike mirror01-9500BLK, MIRR1039$24.00 
Cycleaware Wingman Mirror01-9600BLK, MI2016, MIRR1041$18.00 
Dahon Archlite Rack14-1-01-P$57.00 
Dahon Boardwalk S192-9-01$300.00 
Dahon Body Bag9956996$100.00 
Dahon Briza D794-2-02 Briza d7$800.00 
Dahon Carryon Bag13-3-01$95.00 
Dahon Ciao D5ciaod5$800.00 
Dahon Eco C792-0-05$500.00 
Dahon Espresso96-0-11-P$700.00 
Dahon Formula92-3-12$1,400.00 
Dahon Ios S994-1-04, ios s9$2,195.00 
Dahon Jack96-1-S$750.00 
Dahon Jifo 1691-1-15$900.00 
Dahon Mariner D792-4-02$600.00 
Dahon Mu N36092-2-24$1,700.00 
Dahon Mu P2492-2-24$1,290.00 
Dahon Mu P892-2-13$800.00 
Dahon Mu Uno92-2-01$690.00 
Dahon Speed D792-1-02$550.00 
Dahon Speed P892-1-12, DAHON SPEED P8$700.00 
Dahon Speed Uno92-1-41$400.00 
Dahon Stow Bag9956785/9956794$145.00 
Dahon Vector P892-7-04, Vector P8$1,100.00 
Dahon Vector X27H92-7-03, vecttor x27h$2,295.00 
Dahon Vitesse D392-3-04$880.00 
Dahon Vitesse D7 HG92-3-02$800.00 
Delphi Power Connectorsfalco_delphi$12.00 
Detours Ballard Market Pannier24804$69.00 
Detours Georgetown Dry Pannier35001$105.00 
Detours Madison Rack Trunk22211$72.00 
Detours Phinney Handlebar and Rack Bag12211$59.00 
Detours Pike Place Pannier24224$85.00 
Detours The Hill Pannier35012$95.00 
E-Glide 42 Special42 Special$690.00 
E-Glide Aluminum All-TerrainAT$1,150.00 
E-Glide Arbor Hybrid 38Arbor Hybrid$670.00 
E-Glide GI PowerboardGI$1,550.00 
E-Glide GT PowerboardGT$1,150.00 
Easy Motion Evo Eco Liteev314$2,400.00 
Easy Motion Neo 29erEN763 NEO 29ER$3,100.00 
Easy Motion Neo 650BEN624 NEO 650B$3,000.00 
Easy Motion Neo CarbonEN793$4,600.00 
Easy Motion Neo CityE7502 NEO CITY$2,800.00 
Easy Motion Neo CrossE7902 NEO CROSS$2,800.00 
Easy Motion Neo JetEN714 NEO JET$3,000.00 
Easy Motion Neo JumperEN663 NEO JUMPER$4,100.00 
Easy Motion Neo Jumper 650BEN664 JUMPER 650B$4,300.00 
Easy Motion Neo RaceEN803 NEO RACE$3,000.00 
Easy Motion Neo XtremE7102 NEO XTREM$2,800.00 
Easy Motion VoltE2502$1,800.00 
El Bolso Bike Bag13-1-00$89.00 
Falco "Y" Data Cablefalco_y$45.00 
Falco 36V Battery Chargerfalco_bc$65.00 
Falco 500W Kit, 36V 11.6AHHX 500W, 36V 11.6AH$1,550.00 
Falco 500W Motorfalco 500w$795.00 
Falco 750W Kit, 36V 11.6AHHX 750W, 36V 11.6AH$1,750.00 
Falco 750W Motorfalco 750w$995.00 
Falco ANT+ USB Stickfalco_ant$59.00 
Falco Axle Nutsfalco_ab$10.00 
Falco Bottle Battery - 36V 11.6Ahfalco bbh$695.00 
Falco Bottle Battery Holderfalco bbh$99.00 
Falco Console Charger$22.00 
Falco Crank Sensorfalco_cr$29.00 
Falco Disc Brake Adapterfalco_dba$65.00 
Falco Freewheel Adapterfalco_fa$45.00 
Falco Motor Torque Armfalco_ta$25.00 
Falco Motor Torque Barfalco_tb$10.00 
Falco Off Road Consolefalco_orcon$200.00 
Falco Rack Battery - 36V 11.6Ahfalco rrB$695.00 
Falco Rear Rack Battery Holderfalco_rr$99.00 
Falco Street Consolefalco scon$125.00 
Falco Thumb Throttlefalco tht$25.00 
Falco Twist Throttlefalco_twt$35.00 
Falco Wireless Transmitterfalco_wt$59.00 
Fit Custom FramesetFIT FRAME$800.00 
Goodyear Rubber Skateboard Wheelsgoodyear$135.00 
Gotham Defender Bike LightThe Defender$59.00 
Hans Rey A Life of Mountain Bike Adventures$40.00 
IZIP E3 DashIZ-DASH-L-GY$2,600.00 
IZIP E3 MetroIZ-MET-L-GY-W$2,800.00 
IZIP E3 Path+IZ-PATHP-M-BK$2,200.00 
KNOG Boomer Front / Rear USB Light setKBM03-02$70.00 
KNOG Boomer USB Front Light11023$40.00 
KNOG Boomer USB Rear LightKBM01-02$40.00 
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini997986$99.00 
Kryptonite New York II000952$92.00 
Lectra VR24 Electric MotorcycleVR24$9,700.00 
MINOURA iH-100 Phone Grip008-34079$35.00 
Monkeylectric Monkey Light M232M232$60.00 
Montague Boston 8 speedboston-8$1,050.00 
Montague Boston Single SpeedBoston MD$700.00 
Montague Crosstown BikeCROSSTOWN$660.00 
Montague Fit HybridFIT$1,450.00 
Montague Folding PedalsFOLDING_PEDALS$30.00 
Montague KickstandKICKSTAND$23.00 
Montague Navigator Commuter Bikenavigator$950.00 
Montague Paratrooper7427354, paratrooper_18$850.00 
Montague Paratrooper ProParatrooperPro$1,000.00 
Montague Soft Case554018$100.00 
Montague Swiss Bike X-5011904539$630.00 
Montague Swiss Bike X-70X-70$1,200.00 
Montague Swiss Bike X90X-90$2,950.00 
Motiv 48 Volt48 v, 10 ah$2,150.00 
Motiv Long Range 36v36 v, 15 ah$2,000.00 
Motiv Standard 36v36 v, 10 ah$1,750.00 
Multi-gear Freewheels01-1617$25.00 
Multi-gear Freewheels01-1617$25.00 
Pedaler Bike Pantsbike pants$115.00 
Pedaler Bike Shortsbike shorts$95.00 
Pedaler Raglan Hoodieraglan hoodie$115.00 
Pedaler Zip-Up Hoodiezip up hoodie$115.00 
Pinhead 2-Pack Bike Wheel LocksPH-110$46.00 
Pinhead 3-Pack Bike Seat-Wheel LocksPH-111$57.00 
Sigma Eloy LED Front Bicycle Light11817$17.00 
Stromer ST1ST 1$3,549.00 
Sunlite TL-L205 USB TaillightTL-L205$14.00 
The Mighty JackalJackal$7,450.00 
Weather-Beater FenderSKA 20$30.00 
X90 Custom FrameX90 FRAME$800.00 
XFire Laser Bike LaneSA1101$33.00